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Ed Danson’s definitive book “Drawing the Line : How Mason and Dixon Surveyed the Most Famous Border in America” is a must have for those interested in the Mason and Dixon Line.

Robert D. Hutton’s documentation of many stones on the line. Bob’s inventory also includes a link to “Topozone” maps showing the location of the stones.

In 2002, the National Geographic Channel filmed a news story about the Mason and Dixon Line. This article was subsequently published on their website:

Scenes and roads from along the western end of the most-famous border in the United States and related locations from southwestern Pennsylvania, western Maryland and northern West Virginia. By Pete Zapadka.

A brief history of the Mason-Dixon survey line by John Mackenzie, College of Agriculture & Natural Resources University of Delaware
The David Doyle-National Geodetic Survey Collection of the Mason-Dixon Line Resurvey: Scanned images of the original field notes from the 1901-03 Hodgkins Re-survey of the line. ENTER USER NAME: aaco; PASSWORD: aaco#

Wikipedia reference to the Mason and Dixon Line

Delaware State Boundary Monument Database – contains descriptions and Latitude/Longitude information for the stones on the Delaware & Maryland boundary by selecting "Boundaries" from the "Framework Categories" menu.

Details from the map of the boundary survey between Maryland and Pennsylvania by Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon, 1768. SPECIAL COLLECTIONS (Maryland State Archives Map Collection), MSA SC 1427-74-1/2.

Delaware's State Boundaries, By William S. Schenck

Maryland-Pennsylvania Border Disputes – This guide describes maps, manuscripts, and related printed documents useful for the study of how Maryland’s boundaries were established.

Surveyors Historical Society

Maryland Museum and Parks
by Missy Thorseth




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